Hopes Preschool Programme

The Preschool Programme is designed for children with Cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, Autism and other developmental delays or disabilities. The Hopes team assesses the special needs of each child & provides individual and group therapy. This may include Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, Physiotherapy, Special Education & provision of appropriate environment & equipment to facilitate maximum development of each child.  This programme has a focused approach to develop the child for an appropriate school.

Hopes Afternoon Programme

This programme is for those Children who are going to a mainstream school but need therapy and/or remedial classes for conditions like Attention deficit/Hyperactivity, Sensory processing disorders, Speech & language delay, Learning difficulity, Difficult behaviour, Speech disorder etc. The Hopes team assesses the specific needs to fit in school, provides individual and group therapy programmes & helps the parents understand their child better.

Hopes Homecare Programme


This programme is designed for those families which cannot bring their children to the centre daily. We provide home management plan to parents & review the children on a regular basis. Hopes also provides Home Assessment & adaptations/aids to make living at home more convenient & conductive to learning.


Training & Awareness programme


Hopes offers a servies of informational lectures designed to introduce teachers, parents & other professionals to different aspects of Autistic spectrum disorders, development disabilities, ADHD, learning difficulties & Learning disability. Hopes also conducts free preschool screening for language delay & Autistic features in young children.


The Saplings, School For Children With Special Needs


The Saplings, serves those children whose needs for special education & related services (Speech, Physical Occupational, Behaviour therapy) cannot be met in a mainstream school.

What are special educational needs ? 
Special needs refers to children with disabilities or learning diffulties that make it more difficult for them to learn than other children. This can include problem with communication, language development, behaviour, understanding schoolwork, and any physical/sensory needs. If a child has special educational needs, a step–by-step approach is adopted. A highly personalized curriculum is developed which meets the needs, interests & ability of the child.

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