About the Founder

Hopes is founded by Dr Shivika Mittal, an Occupational Therapist with over 12 years of experience of working for persons with special needs both in India & abroad. Formerly, a senior occupational therapist at Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital in Britain; she has also worked in special schools & community settings in India. She is dedicated to helping parents of special children find the right early intervention programme for their child and prepare the child for eventual transition to appropriate school. She is joined by an equally dedicated professional team.

 Our Vision





Our Vision is to be the 'Most admired place for Children with  Special needs'.


 Our Mission



Our Mission is to provide specialized  academic,  behavioural & therapeutic  services to children  with special needs in order to fully  engage them in a high quality learning environment & prepare them to be  active members of  our society.






 Values - We Stand For